JupyterLab Benchmarks Documentation#

Benchmarking tools for JupyterLab

This project is a place to make JupyterLab faster. For now, we want to optimize for various notebook content:

  1. Opening a new notebook.

  2. Switching tabs. An acceptable time is 300-500 ms switch time.

  3. Closing a notebook

The following is out-of-scope, but could become later in-scope:

  1. Initial server start.

  2. Initial HTML page loading.

  3. Notebok saveing time.

  4. Build time.

We iterate in steps:

  1. Identify the types of issue and measure what is going on with e.g. experiments and profiling. We also understand the notebook lifecycle

  2. Build benchmark tooling to have a baseline and be able to compare with fixes.

  3. Define fix strategies and implement those fixes.

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